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PART III (1887-1898)

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies available. Every technical effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.


Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. In lieu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research.

Letterbook, LB-041

This letterbook covers the period May-June 1890. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll. Other letters pertain to mining and ore milling, electric lighting, the phonoplex system, the Edison-Lalande battery, and electric traction systems. Included also are letters to various Edison companies regarding bills for experiments conducted at the West Orange laboratory. There is some material relating to Edison’s personal finances, including a list of bonds bought through Drexel, Morgan, & Co. The cover is marked "General Book T.A. Edison." The book contains 498 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed.

Havknons 3?iw Xstinsuirfher Co*,

Cor, South -SirVh AVo, & Boston. Street, | low Youk City*

wMr » w totw „r »» *»** t

toi,a,,a°”' 1 tec inf™ «« *»* «± .tootoioor ro„ or tM taMm*a! *’**•* !**• to nor in ^

Privat.e So (^rotary*

'•'ny 14, 1890,

Ucasrs'. Byer & ■Ho

Boar Sira:*.

are onvraoratod rebooted hy -the are no Good, an!


i''nll Street,

How York City ,

Replying to your letter of - 13th inotant, in which certain claim in oonnoetion with Application -,819 Patent Ofi’ico, lir. Sdioon oaya that thoae claim J to lot thorn go*

Yours truly.

Private Secretary,

Samuel TnnriTJ


"/ nil s

'■■m 14, 1890,

t r o o t , r York City.

Dear Sir:-

I enclose herewith Mile against the Delia on Oonoral Electric Company, d*or -espericonts conducted by Edison, from January 1st, 1388 to January 1st, 1890, amount inc to $20,220,23. I also enclose Mr. Edison's explanation of theao various export monts. Kindly acfoiovrledco rocoipt.

Yours very truly.

Private Secretary.


Liny 14, 1300!

! O \7 h o r. I t ay Conoor n,-

Ihic is to oartify that. DH« 2?RAHK M* DLE51.13 v/r.a e««loy«<i is vy Laboratory for the pant tv;o and a quarter years* All the rorlr animated to hin during that period ’./as performed in a iivtiai'acicry* mnuor* Dr* Dooms laavos my employ for the ro&con ihat the experimental \ror>. upon which he was onga rod ia finished md 1 iiavo r.o further need of his aorvioea.

1 can cheerfully rc-c ounend DRW D3RI.IS to any one in non d t»£ inch aantU S&rvco aa he is ‘capable of ronderinn.

J'+ <?* K’onrtovaon, jjaij.,

Actin'-; jjji£*inca2>.in~C::J' of United Mdison ui*/-, qq\

. «>* put.. in

11 lav- stations , 'Q c. - ,

Vt 18R..V3 au »«3 la.7-.l3t unit?

U i».. utt* U0R. ana Mm ntaaRaet to m

* 1 20 *' * ^ Ss tim “*« « «■ •» » ... » l»p„ w

" *“ *"> *“-* »*». »* ^ it to r,.v, ,

”* •“* ”iu -* .“ « «* Wta* v-tt.ov,

- «. “W». »-• *•»«*» «BR( O.., in 0t!,„. ,7a

* «**<*»«• 1/5 “» list* own- on-., mv- . . . ' .


st« Of covsjso, *:oc--,Oi* .-,v,n-i

“',l: " fc '•*'*>* c* i>, iivstoad

-u c.Aittfloai.-r, and tat ansn WiSit, and tto *«t&4


Cham, D* Slain, 333,,

Aau't. to Up).n. fiv,

uaitoa JW«n co„ #3f. AVc-


^Ba430n *BM!fwa *<"«? 3ctto5. of 144b instant, *Wlaai^ a **"' ** ** W* wk landed to you by

^^^Payucn. ^stor,. the Ttoshinst on Memorial

Arcl. CecmUao* :,\v, Edison yna sitfwa «h» paper, and tla some is soi^ fo^rd hy to Mr'. *V Sianaonsi

'of tho n'orlc/o Jfeir I\srd, JSwYori: tityi

Private Secretary.

toy ifi,

lf» liven*, i:Sq,,

Ko* IP Coy stwm,’

Kor/ VorJc City ,

i)oar Sir:-

MrV r'tliicn *“= J-Jad yow Hotter of 15th instant,

**” Ca- *** «*» «» «wa« c«>® «

before ;j? viaita Codec*

Youra -sory truly,

Private 3o or at ar y.

DanioJl 77ela, Esq., 3oc'y.,

EdiuOu yi'.o'.'.o.'-rar.-h Toy Co.,

«»o. ?i' (iil'i Si*, Bouton, "n u 3 .


X oncjcae iiayowi-th oopy oi" a let toy Hay loth, X°>DO, j'acaivcd by j:io iVoru Iteuaiv.* Dyor. to iho poir.ta to toy phono, patents m

Counsel, lii% }•» K. Bl’cv/n, end vajioh vero embodied ultimo*

c 0 p y.

2i-‘~ Yow;, May 13th, 3390*

A'» O'. Tate, liaq. ,

0 v a n g o , u. jp.

Dear sirj»

YoU1' loUor oI> 5Ui instant, owloainc a copy of a lotuci ivosa hold containing aors questions pertaining to the patents for toy piicnograph va3 duly wceivad. Y/e will take up tV* nations in Mr. Void's letter in the order in which he pro¬ poses thorn, as follows:

(1} Y/c do not undsrtftand that you wish re to anav/or thin question, which does not relate to the prionta

(2) The date of the Bnqliah patent of Jacques, December 17th iS **“ 17han tii9 Plication v/as filed, it therefore late than the Sdieon application of December 10th,

(0) Ur, iidison'o application in Gemany was filed March 11, 1390. -

(4) V7a understand thi3 quo at ion to refer to the u. g„ - patents of Jacques, No. 333,299 and 400,851. Y/o do not think thooo patents are broad enough to provent Jacques from waking any 1:ira of Phonocrapir dolls. The broad idea of putting a phonograph m a doll is at least 00 old as 1378 and there can be no patent broadly for this combination. Hie two Jacques intents are for

May 15,1300

or construction and unless tlo.Ua aw made v;hich sulav ooabinationa cla inert in tl» pat onto they a" ;'at0nt3* » «»*“ «»«oati0„ wfors to tto '• Jaco.-.-aa aw unable to answer it for v;a have at onta. Amain* hmovur tfiat io . probably, tho patcnta al-'° otaita* to tho U. s, patents a.'.avon v;:U bo undo r/ith reference to theirf.

w any at present- as to tho Goman application patent la»a boon isci»rt in Gomany v;o oouid find 5W 3iw®D«o» ^onto if you v/ish ns to do so, If otil.1 pond in," in Ceivnany there is no nay of t unless you can <j»t the inf oivation from ?lb., attorney or anent throurii whom



Co-pi ^ TVW-^ rcjuBs

to •o,.n* !!”« .r."j"!;Tl,a house in Llov/ollyn ?a‘v-t during .hice '..u .:•■■• view I;-, that between Par?: Ave. & Yttiito St. yoi- ;•■•:• w n> poioa i:ovv'. I bog to a*y that i- yon will ba kind enough *.•:• Gmnt va p; .vAao -on to mr. theai wires, will pay v:h a; t::~ peiwo ‘<jgw-: it v: 11 b; ntceaaary to incur f«* t.ho era at ion ol‘ polos but voort tho #ti*33t:; *.aut masd, it being of course * traders t.ood S3»t thsso ave your ami property and ttet to you belongs all priVJ. Sega pertaining to right. of way over thorn. All that we dosivi tft doo^t^fli3li ia the completion Of connection bo two on the latiiyftfch' and W*f Insnll's h'-’se In tfc) f&tfk, in tho manner deo ovd-bed* -.Si** we vfj.ll bo greatly indebted *.*/ tty* privilege Of \teifs? jfrXV


With relation to rtptnpa* 'iha tirisM??- i lr» KustOr^ x.-n^gof t;

Hay 17, 3,300

Sai:ia)l Iwr.tJ

Daar .Ji.-:-

instant, rot;

Phoncyrarh sr

accordance -,t 1‘ilao, copy 1

L, Sssj*,

Ssv Yorl: City,

I &»fi .to -iCa-oovacO;;'.* receipt OV yow letter oi‘ loth ?-Viir,7 Mr, Ancliinc 1 03 a * a letter with relation to tfe °~:'a aortsaoa, 1 Java vritton Hr, Awhincloas, in iti\ your alleviation, anti enclose terotrith, i‘or your ilia lot-ion.

Your a truly.

Privet 0 3ocratary*

H0tUV C* Anc'uijxloao,

-ilev/allpn jjt j

Co ay* Sii**-

Jay, !•<,«. 3„Uo, w ln.; in wt'ly »-« « «u k, =„,^ly ,

- ay aypaoabla tc

“* rnonog.^ V;or;:a ,?i. ^

115:a» you a?oira«

Yoieo vai»y

/May 17,

» -V>Hi boctD say Postpone t]» pay- ' on Howubor


May 13, 1390.

Xhontts R. Lombard,,,

UortlV Amorican PSionograph Company,.

Ho. 1(50 Broadway, u^rr York City.

Lear Sir;-

Tiiis letter ’.Till bo presented to you by Mr. Arthur W. Lt’-ngfai’d, who in doc irons of securing a position with your Company as a phonograph expert. Mr. Langford was employed in tiro Labora- I'Oi'y about a year, and at .the Lenox Lycoum Exposition which ha3 jiiat been brought to a cloao, ho hart charts of ono of the phono¬ graphs, and the speaking records r,ndo by him ware very satisfac¬ tory. He hac a good general knowledge of tiro machine, ami if you can pinks a place for him 1 think lie could render you good service. He leaver, tno Laboratory, for the reason that work iso re is being eased up for ;tho summer, and wo are no longer in nood of his sor- vicoG'.

Your3 very truly,


. Pi'ivato Socr^ary.

6«C9, Bo«.f Prosuont, '

Th0 3*bqx Ooujity TAoc-i^x Oo.

Colv- St,, Omni,? , ii. „j.

•Dos}*’ Siw-

1 1300 t0 aoWw,C° «- *»••!* of your* oDtoowa \'aro.- ^ 10th instant, notifyiir ho that the -*.4,

' - tUa“ thj i'1- iviluga aaked f0r

^ let t oi* oi- 17th instant ia i***,^*.

^ra. -o *U T/o appi-o date very

V«)1 rouv courteous oomiaionca r/ith oiu* «,**»*.

Voirra vovj* truly.

Private So pro


May 19, 1090«

Mr* Fionas Sutler,

0*24>:a;v gl.i-.70v .

>Vv» •/(.•r!- ait

ftoar Sir:-

Xf) O'japXianao vvv'i i yonr rootest, tsslophoiad this often- ««>«» X enclose 'Jvrrrftji oov.y oT OGi'btCioate of Organisation of t!«5 %ii^n S.anp OoaupaM-y. Kw 9q»itviX of tha Company is Ono Million, poftrota; 'it iiae nevor ho on inc' -ttaod*

Y'vn-'S truly,


Maj op S* B,

$120 Broadway,

Ken? York City, -.

-‘•J'ur Sir:-

Ho Poali:^ A^vaaoMirt bativson My, BtUgon and Cn«*45ft for It*. U, P* 0o« stook* In Qcoordattco y/ith tbo cortainsd yc*r hotter of 17th instant, Hr', Mjaon to. Goianmu 03 fcllam ;

“Poolin'; acreanent United Company atook delayed pandit oable from you to Do Huy tor saying it. is all. HcVt« ?loaoo cable Jdtn at ohoe JiDlSOU* "

Yours truly,

20, laso.


8upG»ati«« day cabled

Private Soaratary*

Mr.y 20, lQoo

i?, Ujyixp ott, prs(5idtmtt

ifat-tVi araoricari Ph<?n<>civiph Company,

100 Brtxirtnay, How York Oity.

-Bear sir:~

- «cml you herewith bilia amounting to ;}23,<H7«94t

oovorirs- «!» #»n w* «nori*»»ta in connaotion with th» phono-

Btsph ta astewd by Mr;, JJdiaon +»*. t ,u

a io on at t}» Laboratory, durinf; tht> year

Youra vory truly.

Private Seordtdr y*

May 20, i8go

Mr* John IU mOO,

IB 20 .liberty street ,

Hot/ York City,

Dear Sirr-

I onoloeo heroiTith copy of a letter received by Mr. ^diaon Jfajor Baton, inclosing insurance policioo, covering Ur. SA*on»a rovidenoe in ttotrellyn Part. The insurance policies aantionad are in tiw oafe at the laboratory.

Your3 truly.

Private Secretary.

o :p y y,

A. 2d In .0$, Kaq,,

O r n n £ « , if.

Mevr karOc, 15*y 17th; 1390* V

fra a i* fliyt-

Ra Arnold ,&-Cor.b table Uortgafse# I send you herewith •tJ)d raSainaor ftf the policies of insurance recently obtained by me li*ors :«3<u3i'E« Arnold, Constable & Co., upon each of Whioh J iiave had noted tljo aaaicnosnt a f the interest of the mortgagee to fowvaolt, at> that they arc- all now payable to you. Hioao policies are as folio -IS? Uoa. ,101,409 and 201, Sid in tfc barman Amor 1-can Insurance ?fc^. ^1,234,322 and 1,234,231 in. tty:- Iahcashirc Insurance Co.;

_J?os» 210,138 add 210,189 in the Union Insurance Go.; and Ho.*

^ »fo. 213,120 aft the Greenwich Insurance Company 1,343,063 in tic Guardian Aeaurarteo Co; The 'total amount of in¬ surance represented by these policios is $47,000 and they cover year dwelling hfnjp.c and -other structures erected upon your preial- ! OSftnjja. ah the other polioios nseeivud by rae wore sent . Vo yb u bn the 30th ult .

Very truly youre,

I Signed) 3i bv Eaton.

****** c. Oootoy,- Bag.,


U9a. Union Tolocmpil CoM

V‘6 »e«r York City,

ft^ay 2CP. 13 go,

, 1 ’“•* 10tto- « ««. 1W», in ..

r Mt* of a~* ^

w «- «*«♦». ««. . «WSwla at slM **

ait ion „f loat J” f°r“ &P«-

z rr~ ~ ™“ - ~ ■• «-*. ~

? " * ■’ lan°* ■>»■“>» »d Ka b

»* ■» «*. ** ■„ to * ”™“ *" ■«««» at **. , . *“»

«, . , "hi°h ** ' M Oit,

tain J too JZ : ‘tat ~ “«» *-*. » to

- * i r ™“ - - -

von, S-nn-tooioirt to *, ■««„,

0WliMt and „rj,

*<■•««& truly*

Major SV S'. Eaton.,

J'iO# 220 Broadway,

How York Oity,

I rat,™ h.»mi,h OnpUeato oopioi, „„ agreement reiving the rovnlti.. *.

,(f ' ' '°m thi Edison Phonograph Toy

agrocnt * Angnet Oth Past, ono oow , mi,., , tev<1

l»c to esU yonr attention to the nerds -other than the dnioOd states or Morion... Aion ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

. r W"OTPh' *«— *• -0. it net road

“* than the United state, of nmoriea and Cansa.e,, very truly,

Edison Phonograph T/orhs,

0 r a n g o , H , J-,

May 20, 1890,

Dear Siva:-

by you against K^ilLy°?<^S2!Sth th? fo»wl,« bills rendered Plica asm Lonor^cow;?h n0CroPto attd sup-

April 2,



V *.m


0 _





0 __



0 _



0 _


0 _






n __








« -

§503 1.75 4G.68 239.26 *36 15.12 2.00 7.60

1.30 47.65 1.08 5.00 15'. 00 .16

This material should not he hilled tfyxlmt Mr* Bdison, but should be treated partly as a loan. ** should place it in a loan or nua pons ion account, It in probate W M*5 c66t rf Cylinder*, am Tutors of that *iftd, ^ili he b^n w «* j^on iW

tri« Company, 1 to ih aoj^opondhthift srttjj, m itouli eft thdV (tofr

Job* t\hd </.hl X»t you ukatt iatoi1'.


Major .S'. 8. Sit on,

toy 20, 1890.

#120 Broadway,

Mow Ybr’i City,

I ta/Sto aotaoaaodoB receipt of your letter of 17th

<”’clos4'® °f «* ■»»»*>» «■ obtain**

by you <*„„ lieaors *»«„, Oonotabio . o.. Tboao p0lici9s «»

2{J1(POO and 2G1.52-". in the German American Ins.

K0°- 183422 2 “* ».«.« in «. >*«*. ira. Co., to.

2101 583 to •» <«« *— « on. « PbiiadeipM.;

212,120 in ,to On-, and Ho. a,y.„,oos i„ ,M

ounwinn^anncnoo total amount of in.nnance „pr,_

ncntbd bo ins §4V,000.

Yours truly.

Major S, 3. Eaton,

Mo« 120 Broadway,

Hew York City,

May 21, 1890,

Dear Sir:-

I bog to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 17th irui tairt , returning three papers in reference to the Electric Riy, of the United States, which you obtained from me for use in the settlement of the differences between Pioia and Edison interests, the seme being your letter of October 1st, 1888, addressed to my- sslf, and copy of your letter of Pob. 14th, 18S5, to D* Pield, and copy of supplemental agreement between the Edison Electric Lffiht Co, and myself, dated Peb, 4th, -1085.

In addition to the' three papers mentioned above, you also received from me, copy of your opinion as to ray obligation to turn W t0 tJW Lisht 0oB*a»y future inventions .relating to electric railways. .if you are througli with this paper, will you kindly Return i-t to me, and oblige

Yours tmlsw^ # fp ,

Way 2a, ISOOi,

Gooj'CO 11, Hopkins, Esq., Soientifio

#3iU Broadway,

Amor ioan, Nov/ York.

Boar Sin:-

*"* lotto, of 19th lmtont to Mr. meoh, air«otins

“* Mmtim t0 *■««»» for w. connection nth tho

Phonograph, has boon duly racoivod.

S“" ““ *«* Mis™ P Por the

very roll and aocorliohod tll8 ^

yew letter, tot the north taerioan Phoney Co. „,,ia no, it.

Yours truly, / /#}$#.




Privat e SeEratary.

St B*. Baton,. Eotj,, '‘‘ay 189Cr^

#120 Broadway, How York City#

Born* Six*:—

1 an much obliged -for yoNi!’ lotto** of iv+It 0?tSiS^°rfybfr+r0:l0a8e flVm R1J’SQli‘ t0 the "slab .trio Railway’ Co.

^ StClt0°> datod ***** 29th, 1390, the Bamo having been enclosed with your lottav of 17th instant. e

Vours tmy,../^ ^ /'v)

Mr* Thomas Bntler, 3eo'y»,

H. J. & Pa# Concentrating Wksi, #44 Wall St., Hew .York City.

May 21, lS&ft.

S**r Sir:**

1 bog. to aointowledgo receipt from you of CoK.ifioate Ifo. 8'4,. for 3S bhara.0 of the Capital Stock of Che iSeK tffwsroy <snd JohnayiVanift Concept ratine Works, tha sums having bean .ensltood . with ybxir letter of 20th instant.

May 31, '1390,

John Hotman,,

Monoid. -Butler, Stillman & HuWsard, How Tor): City,

Bear sir:-

Boplyinc to your letter of loth Inotant, in regard to ”** RSi30n appeai*inS a witness ajjainot Freeman , in the Supreme Court, part JV of Hew York, I hog to inform you that Mr. lid is on

vrfU ^ in Madinesa t0 ***** for Hew York upon receipt of a tele¬ gram from you *wttogWi presence at the trial in question.

Privato Secretary.

Mr. H a k o s Proaidunt,

Uloktrotacfcnioohar 'Vorsin.

Borlin, Gen;; any.

i>aan Sir:- I

I am in rocoipt oi’ your bjteeinod fuyor qf 5th instant, informing mo that r.t tin Ann t mooting of your Socia^y i was oloatod an ’Honorary Monitor. This information is rocoivod. by mo rath a- i:roat daal of ploasuro, and I teS that yon vm 0Xproi}a to the mamhora of tJso Elektroteelwischor V>roin my grateful thunjeo for tha honor which they have done mo o looting mo to Honorary Membership. tthen I noxt visit Berlin I will try and arrange to ns»ot tlio ntombore ol’ your Society and thank, thorn personally for 'tiioi’r hind notion, whioh 1 )otb now the plodauro of acknowledging

May 21, 1000,

Mesorc* Paine & Pranoia,

#33 Poan 3 t root, BOSTOK, MASS.

Dear Siro:-

A abort time ago I tod the pleasure of recoivinc a via it from your Mr* Paine, from whom I learned tint youh firm to A docidad to aovor a connootion with the Udiaon Company which too boon maintained for tto paat nino yeare*

I rojjrot oincoraly that any noceooity for auoh action aliould tovo arisen. Your oxporicnoc in the Sdiaon buainoaa dates from tto coanonoenent of worthy ttot Company, and your ability and anarcy to\o placed you amongst the foremost of succossful acQnt3 ,

I oonoidor. youi* retirement a real lose to the Company. You hava my heart lee t and boat win toe for your personal advancement in whatovor direction you may decide to oporata in the future.

Youra very

^^lUattiAA <1 fcrWo


21, 189<&

M«Pfiaon," a.- 3.

Dear Sii*o:-‘

m ™iy to „„ !„„„ <* 20th iMtonti , l06 to

m«M you that th. Contirionto W Organization or Mls0„

^ ^ ~ “““ - » thou.

,m'tm “a •‘^y-thruo oea,.). atotea in tho organization, Sownt!, ^ ^ ^

°MOh 0*W,W 0,“U *»■*»« m th. ».h buy 0r

any, «H.r tot. „r th. ,i„, *0.^ „„

roeoMM in tho Want. Boot or jho Tto.on ^ is m mh toy of January, 1,53.4,

Youro vary truly, '


Siasniol Ins nil, JJsq.j

Wall ritroot,

II 0./ York City*

loar Sira:-

I oncloao larovrith bills against fcho f o llov/in,~ F.dison Companies, for experiments conducted at tho laboratory on ir account!

Edison Oro Hilling Co«, Jan. 1, 1890 - - - §141.96.

Bill con lamp Co., Auril 1, 1388 - - - 13.56

* Jan. 1, 1390, - 202.57

Edison Electric light Co. - 42.33

Bflison Wachino W».t Jan. 1, 1890. - 165.06

" * Jan. 1, 1890,---- . 327.16

i explanation is attached to oach of thO above

Yotirn truly.

''-ay 21, 1390*

*’tr« Samel f;.

Bmnt 2ac#, Clarlotte,

IT. c,

Dear Sir:-

2 t0 ^ »" »— (''500), '

■’ r=e51pt "“oh M«co MtaoM«te,.

I think you had bettor conn

you bn- * brii;'; 0V0IVthing with

, . . ,x’ «y tmproaBion ia tint

*<os.h Carol ina io r.o Cood for rold ma ,,

or gold, ana there .ia much better proa-

*"** Jh iron proa pectin^ *ountai*, of :W York state.

Yom*a vwrj- tnhy,

m n f : „■


Philip s, Pybr,

i a t V a r p , ReiGiumt

!• bog to, ticJmowledfjo :

* lottor oi‘ lOtli

WMWJation of a comma, icat ion which yon hav; to. a, ***. to w t0 tll0 orapl, ^

1.1.10.. . aent aim so, timo Ofo, «fo do „at moot with trouble, f-iro of which Bo, Me*. com,, Lin.. She CoU» we* ,0 pel,fsctl,n

6iV° «® »» •.*.*>*» .m bo

Flctod in iho couwao of a coup,. of wochc, when wo rtll „M ?ou

"" “”*'** In lM“ ”» «** l««i-a-toatioonialn- which

1,0 " *” ■« moo to to. Uo hoianao.

3 voi’y tjjjiiy, ^

' A JC-(/ #’ ,.rs


May 32, 1890

Dan^l v/o Id, Esq., Soo'y,,

Edison Phono. Soy Mi‘c. Co.,

J,’°. 95 Milk St., Boston, Lfaes.

^ocr Sir:-

*- >'o»r l*t«r of Kth mutant in na>M «««:. Mo. Mi.™ onoontoa , mav fut^

W4»s » tho conroonoomont or noyaltioo . tho lot of ,My to tt, lot da, ,f Apm. : Ociio.0 Mwiniott 4, ^

tin?} s similar document.

Yours vory truly,


Samuel Inaull, Kuq.,

Wall Street,

Mow York City,

May 22., 1390;,

Dear Sii*:-

I bog to confirm tile I’ollowiny tolophono no a a, ago cent, you from the Laboratory thi3 looming!—

"Have an order from Prasar tiiis morning for ton Motor Phonographo and about two thousand blanks* Am still holding last chock received frera him.


Youra truly,

Hay 22, 1390,

Mr* John Biricinbine,

? h i 1 a d j 1 p h i 3 , Pa*

Dear Sir:-

Plaaae soo tlio Rondihg people again on that lease, and soo ii* they will agree to tho modifications herewith:

lot. 20 fl ton mo reliant able ora shipiiod away.

2nd. Six months to proopoct, 30ouro railroad, and six months to erect plant* I paying taxes and watchman' 3 salary.' : v

3rd* Thereafter minimum ton3 alia 11 bo Twenty Thousand shipped away.

4th. Have privilege of throwing up lease and removing im¬ provements on one year’s notice after paying up all dues.

5th* hoasa ahull run for twenty years.

Gth. Privilege of buying after five yoai’3 for Hundred and pifty Thouaand dollars oash.-

Tho royalty of 20 cents is all we pay in Wow Jersey, and all tho parties think it fair, as wo pass through tho mill rock run¬ ning an low as 25 per cent, whioli is earthly value to them. !-:ku*’j yours very truly.

Ul> Cota 3i.rl:inbim,

City Hall ygyaro, Philsdo lphia, pa,«

te“ «*• ».«, of teta„t

of Uoat Point Iron On r a

11 Pre Iaxaa- wd*nalyW fie* con-

ctsrairvj tho orna, In 2-opiy Mr pn.

liy -n# >-li2oa doairoa wo to aa> if e.Ararot OOO tlio HJHla p -3 /ou

__ ni-la. & Dacian, j*** ^i;cut . ^. ^

«BP». and ascertain if they Ti3i u«,+

H w U t},° *««» .stated in

**• 343130,1 3 3ot“^ you of ratun^art it . n

-o onto p, , 11 ao* ••Mn* -ilftiscmcoulci

° "l-^OPJPMo ana ... if

Yovro truly.

Private Secretary*

•May 23, lsgoj.

■»l fcwvll, va u



1 i'°G to 4hJ ioiloviiiv:

Ki.'-rsiiV; iVori t).w Wat cry:

rajosaao +Pf,aopi1<in0y yon

';JBrs5~?3 ¥f” «■

{5‘.«turCi3,y ), 2->th -a**?1? to-morrow-

tjw s>aa»2-tu it°£ * M3 oJtwicl* q"uvS Satr°y yon

«<tw to -VO oo.i^ ZZrti. rl “°T &la

. i I asawod jiiK1 You v-ouid rf r-uf *5 0 * at is t0° ^<3,

»«■“ •«» * ■’-tar.o M„

Youra truly.

Privitw 3 a-c rotary*'

May 37, 38 90*

W* J'» Johnston, Esq,,

The Electrical World,

Tier/ York City*

Bear Sir:»

The proof of the illustration of tin Edison exhibit at tka Par io Exposition, referred to in your letter of 2Sifi inst,, has beon received by Mr, Edison, and la has aslrad me to thank you for your kind3ios3 in sending it to him, Mr, Edison will lave tin picture fra road and plaood in his Library.

Yoivrs very truly,

Private Secretary*

//// fa


/cy - ' „_.

"^U,* . ^^Ud&e.

At t^Ais- A$l££ ^fLSLst ‘"ijr. -- rO

fJ\^.^^£A^&£?€sLs6' A fsfeZCo.

fit a

0Ls7k~jLl ft.,- Ay^ - 'A^..j?t.


Vl}< it-..

yU- CUj Jyt

*yl'(4jjLo ($ ' < ^4'..A-t..<^

A) £JL<\J *yCOi^i/i£X^H^ ;

^L-n l* y^ju^4'

'****' a"^'1 *f 7"'"^ ,7_(

*** " *+* f '^7

/ , ^ ^ AAAjl4

%Ajf~h. lpSUAt^frUSi.jLs JlAASL/UL** l4~* -00^6^^ ^

AA/Jctf <5L -GJUa/HjL SC.fX^X^ ,

bo°Y -u^Ujl.. <% -^-^..y <«<^y Pfe

f* ^ ^ ^ ^ * *,. |

^SfrUSlA A/tAU( UnZC&y'


May 27, 18 90.

Daniel Wold, J5s q«, Sac‘y,,

Edison Phonograph Toy Mfc. Co.,

Do. 95 Milk St,, Boston, Maas.

Dear Sir:-

I bos confina the following telegram sent yon to-

“Instill in Chicago. Think it doa arable he bo here when yon and Mackintoah come on. Hoy; tn.ll ifonday next cnit yon? A* 0. Tate.»

Yours truly, S /

Privat o' "'S.qorot ary »

Mtxy 27, 1890

Edrmid. Simmons, K3q,,

Treasurer, World'u Pair p«ndj

io.urth KAt’T, Eanj;, #20 Haoaau Streot,

Her York' City,

'Jlear Sir:-

Enclosed please find cheek for $151,54, received by n* from the Coreeittee for the International Exposition of 1892, the « b cine '#P ahare of the unexpended balance of the Prelimi- xxary Expense Fund. I have endorsed this cheoj^vable to the Washington Memorial Arch Stem. I also encloJ^Hipt to be handed to Mr, 1&W MciTm-tio Spaer,. Secretary.

Y<JU« .very truly,

i!sy 27, 1390.

dhnfi'. D; Sliain,

■Uiiitpa Edison Kf£. Cov,

^5 PiftJi Avo., Nev/ York.

« »rt instent

rr~t!r I “• *- - —I. ir, r ** - «.

. 4‘ *“'■ **** ♦“* *m* M> to «.

v;r Areh -•■■“ «

iwjasiaw, ftaaaig $air ^ .. 1

md’ an ac wdanea r/ith vamxeaAm also trith your letter Uer reply.


'/ours truly. , /'//.- - - -

fcv. ]JV. XJditp

*•$* School,

oohcord, jr, j-r.

boar Sii*:-

I orxlpae larevrith chock to order' of st', School, for '553.15, covori^ entribuw too f<* my tv, oi'ch), and $S*&5 for school books forwarded., I .kiiotvladyo receipt, aiii oblige

w roeajvcd your oettor of 22nc

n Gl^d to do what loan in the way of he Ini 113

it. on. Just at this time wo are rum ins very light

cannot do anything for you thors imr.iediat.

bCar you ijl »i»l, however, and rill

* you jiuit as

^ort unity tuwui up-.

I. >V -f .


wry ^

t* ,' teb S'K-

' /Jn y

ifG'W Rates Avenue,

Brooklyn, If. y*

* *>••>«» **, «... ,0# WOMri* 3. »„ te.l3lS

■/ittisviu1., lUQiwm,

Incase a«:c» quietly

*T°?°*<* fe*,«P utita^ Particulars

SLf' ..8«.iewV ^“patofn'f }

.& . s Wr


^ >'**/* ^

( ^ A AA-^~ -'' AA-jL /^?. ^/

, j-^k A-xC/i. a /^Ae ^£jhA^ji ^rj>

tt-AA O^AA^V~-Aa^aA^£ -^^>«/(- Jt-7-fo

&t*AA & fi' -'\A

A-rv- (H--fAj>^

t/ L . # // #y.?d

/ CdJ^-' ^ 1AA- ^AA-/^ A^frA^_2jL AU A S\

C^JLCiXC y/'t ?fc Su/,*^-^ . ^

f 'C^A^.-A^y / At''? CAA.-X -JCAt^Z—' A£--^JLAA^Aaa--*^X,

'^-^ALaJ ‘^'6' _

-Ho* 120 ' u r!0 a d w a y , Ne?; York City*

le!4r ^ rntai”0d in W

aAl people as i'yllov/s!- ^ 1 c“bl<Jd ye«terday to tko Ed is oj

EDISWAH, 101© OH, .

send i[IC quickly detailed ^ 1390' y°U1> pp°15080d teQZor dla^?s mvi d0 not file dia- , ®uU m, java opportunity oxoijsuigo letters, as it

>«.« TOBoiVoa iM, th0 f0la„^ raM,OT„ to rw'

22IS0H, lis^ HO KK.

•I>om on May go, 1390,,

S i T/ad d-30laiK0d in 1832,

S W33 tilea midal* April!

, ' Uoulton a&-03d mpoaaiblo .

*wf?4 1!3',ant ^Glalid without fur tlx? r

diaolaiinea*, v.rill vnHto. EllMWAH,

*£S: SSJodlo^o^S *%aon * ^ *>-• **•* 15th

*th ycbr letter «ndSr r5,iy; th* 8<Ua° “vi*W b2°*

Yours truly, ,7 . .

May 30, lg^o

Mr, «!•, Adolskolb,

V i 1 2 a o a t a n Ho. ?„

Stockholm, Sweden.

Dear Sir:-

1 bag to acknov/ledge tic rocoipt oi‘ your esteemed' favor under da to 15th instant, stating that you have nonHtatad tor members hip in the Royal Academy oi‘ Sciences in atneM^iw. I shall he very pleased to loam of my election to member shir, the Royal Academy of Sciences, and beg tint you will accept my sincere thanks for having submitted my name for membership. .

Yours very truly,

to & vJa'iu

qSoA<AkM; d

{$ r*-'cj.'(jf) tc v 'i\ PA Ai-xl ,

- a.

0*4 5

O'/f/’ V.fAAjis. A<K*£tkA*cfo.&/AA.KL, dtKM^A; t \r-(w AlC\ . <Vm ytf At h'fitA foJl aakA ^

./If. f< /(.. .'Ad -A.j(f !»••. /y (Aa a&s st^Kc,- ■■■ »f^on

' AaMkJ, K.AA tfc-#*1AnylA \Gj . A.yHA ■& A*fc~

&t*fUs tSsut* G+».A** •****£*, * AAs**f&- yy( y(L ,(ak\j -£>'(\Ua* \a *J.^ ^xiJ^aaPA^ ^xjo oji /L f>y aAA/ii-v, l .

~'*Ci 'ft- <* CA.AA^y\'l.Aj- jAA*-%-C>U/faMiAA AK^If (*.4tA\ JAffi't&C

Csfisvtn *»/*■* eOL ^ «ff* vttfC «-&4xjLa}/(&t’aaa-.

//ft ft Xf 'ixsxJA ^AXjj, aiaa ^iwaaoi ia -CL~-

f* < V P.y ft ( t Jt^ At* cpA /fAs AyC&£*y<£t(fQX\_^

pf A .fiff V/< t>X(ofA fin- « tiofArq'/t- /if At* irtTyiA *^Lc yt#PAM j/jfe* fflP <Mv , tvAUj&A/ fAA.xytCU^^AA'XyO'- ^JtMAAC'